Siberian Honey Berry


Native to Siberia, this edible member of the honeysuckle family is incredibly hardy (down to -40C!) and is a wonderful addition to the ever-growing range of super-fruits.

Current Height – cm

Fruiting – Late May/June

Eventual Height – 1.2m

Eventual Spread – 1.2m

This product is supplied in a 3L pot.

Plant in a hole twice the diameter of the root-ball or pot. Mix a general fertiliser with the infill soil. Water regularly until  established. Honeyberries will grow well in most soils but loose & free-draining soil with a pH of 6.5 would be ideal.  They can, however cope with a range between 5 & 8. Plant 1.5m (5ft) – 2m (7ft) apart, in rows 4ft (14ft) apart.

Pruning is best done in early spring as the plant breaks into bud, however it is recommended to keep pruning to a minimum to maximize fruit yield.  Mulch yearly with well rotted manure or compost to retain moisture & suppress weeds.  Apply a general fertiliser in spring.

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