One of nature’s best kept secrets!  Originating in the Himalayan highlands, it is thought to be one of the most powerful nutritional and anti-ageing foods.

Fruiting – Late Summer till first frosts

Eventual Height – 3.5m

Eventual Spread – 2m

This product is supplied in a 3L pot.

Plant straight away and if watered well, they will grow leaves within two or three weeks.  Dig a hole around 50cm deep and wide and place the plant in it.  Firm the soil around the plant and water well.  Leave about 1m between the plants.

Pruning is best undertaken in the early spring just as the plant breaks into growth.  We would recommend pruning is kept to a minimum in order to maximise fruit yield – though Goji’s will recover well from hard pruning.  Mulch yearly with well rotted compost or manure to retain moisture and suppress weeds.  Water in dry periods.  Apply a Growmore type fertiliser in the spring.

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