Fruit and veg plants and seeds by the award winning, Brighter Blooms.

Fruit and Veg by Brighter Blooms comes in response to the increased local and national demand for growing fruit and vegetables in gardens and allotments. The website is dedicated to the supply of all the fruit and vegetable growing products the keen gardener and allotmenteer could need

Fruit and Veg by Brighter Blooms offers a wide range of seed potatoes, onion sets, vegetable seeds, fruit bushes, fruit trees, and a whole host of other growing material to supply produce from the garden all year round. During January and February, we aim to start over 90 varieties of seed potatoes. Where fruit bushes and fruit trees are concerned, customers have the option to purchase these in a bare-root form early in the year, or in pots spring to early summer and throughout the rest of the year. In spring we offer a range of vegetable plant suitable for greenhouse growing including tomato, pepper, courgette, cucumber, mixed salad.

We attend a number of events mainly throughout the North West – 9 Potato days in locations from Shrewsbury to North Cumbria (see further details on locations and dates in the Potato Days and Events tab), as well as Conwy Seed Fair and other spring shows.

For the past few years, you might have seen our fruit and veg displays at Harrogate Flower Show in the spring and Southport Flower Show in August.

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