Asparagus Millennium (3 crowns)


This late season variety, bred in Canada, is at its best in the UK during the month of June

Fruiting – June

Eventual Height – 100cm

Eventual Spread – 50cm

This product is supplied as 3 bareroot  crowns

Asparagus grows best in light, well-drained soil, sheltered from cold winds.  On heavy soils it is recommended using a raised bed containing plenty of well-rotted compost to ensure healthy growth.  Plant crowns In April or early May 38cm (15in) apart.

Allow 100cm between rows.

Allow the crowns to develop by not cropping the first year and only 1 or 2 spears in the 2nd year.  Feed in the spring with a general purpose fertiliser.  Cut foliage back almost to ground level in autumn and apply a mulch of compost.

Keep weed free

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