Seed Potato Mayan Twilight


Main Crop Seed Potato

1kg when packed (packed in home compostable netting)

Approx. Qty 8-12 tubers

Certified Scottish Seed Potato

Supplied January – April, pre-order from November

Chit seed potatoes in a cool but frost free, light location. Chitting is not essential but can help give you an earlier crop.
More important is to plant seed potatoes once the soils start to warm up and protect emerging foliage if a late frost is forecast
First & Second Earlies – Plant March – April, 30cm (12″) between tubers in rows 45cm (18″) apart.
Early Maincrop and Maincrop – Plant April – May, 38cm (15″) between tubers in rows 60cm (24″) apart. Harvest approximately 10 weeks after planting (June-July)

Earth up potato tops once they have emerged 10cm above the ground to give tubers more soil to grow in and help prevent light getting to the tubers and causing them to turn green (green potatoes are poisonous)
Harvest (approximate)
First Earlies – 10 weeks after planting (June-July)
Second Earlies – 13+ weeks after planting (July – August)
Maincrops – 15+ weeks after planting (August-September)

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